Friday, November 17, 2017

3rd episode shortly will discuss about Hiace micro-bus

3rd episode shortly will discuss Hiace micro-bus. At first say that you may take any rental from Seven rent-a-car Agency. Now discuss about Hiace micro bus. At first keep stay to discuss:-There is rent all type of car rent daily and Monthly basis from seven rent-a-car Agency. As like Sedan car, Noah, Hiace, Ambulance, Pick up, Cover van, Mini Truck, Truck Cargo van, Tourist Coach. Contact for rent: - 01611-511616, 01911-511616. Our Office Address: - House-61, Road-18, Sector-11, Uttara, Dhaka. Web
What is like Hiace Micro bus? This is Bus or Micro-bus. This type of car may be 12 to 16 seats. So available see 12 seat Hiace Micro-bus in rent a car. 11 people can take to sit easily except driver. One person can sit the side of driver. There is three lines have behind the driver. Each line 3 seats but 4 people will sit the back line. (Total:-11+1=12 seat). These are generally dual or double A/C. Some cars are central A/C too. Some cars Toyota company make as like single A/C, These are call TRS Hiace. But those are changing single A/C to Dual A/C after import in Bangladesh. GL cars change dual A/C to single A/C. Toyota Company made dual A/C super GL cars. These are looks perfect color and everything is weightily. It is very comfortable to ride others Hiace cars. Jumbo Hiace super GL car look perfect fully color everything is weightily. This car is central A/C. Hiace cars Brand:-2000 to 2014 get to rent any rent a car service. Brand:-2000 to 2007 these are call Old Shape and Brand:-2008 to 2014 these are call New Shape. But which car has come after New Shape, if those are may Luxury these are call latest. But there is no Old Shape Hiace car of our rent a car organization. Because these car has many mechanical problem. We rent to give Hiace New Shape micro-bus of our goodwill. We service our rent by good, gentle faithfully drivers.
Now there is a question: - How much rent a Hiace Micro-bus? This type of car we rent Daily, Package and Monthly system. Generally body rent for 10 hours 4000/ taka in Dhaka City. Fuel cost as like Gas, Octane, Toll, parking and drivers meal also bear by Client. If use more after 10 hours so client will be paid 200/ taka over time per hour. Other side package rent 10 hours 5,500/ taka in Dhaka City. But if you may Drop or Pick and Drop, so the rental rate minimum 1000/ taka. But there is many discount of our regular client. Where there is rental rate 4000/ taka there is rental rate 3000/ taka and over time 100/ taka. We have discuss and idea Daily and Package system about Hiace Micro-bus. 4th episode discuss monthly system about Sedan, Noah, Hiace Micro-bus.

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